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Spy Camera In Shaving Cream
Spy Camera In Shaving Cream
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Spy Camera In Gents Wallet
Spy Camera In Gents Wallet
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These cameras are always used by the agents and detectives but now it has to be used by the common people because the world is now filled with crimes and terrorism and this builds up insecurities in our lives about losing our loved ones and our hard earned properties, so it is better to take precautions before cure as it will help the people to react quickly and be safe from a coming danger. These are also heavily used for surveillance purposes and many places in India like Hyderabad have installed around a thousand cameras in and around the city to fight against crime and terrorism and since then the crimes have also decreased and wherever there was crime it was recorded in the cameras and the culprits were easily nabbed.

The Delhi Metro has many cameras installed in the trains as well as the stations and this helped them to maintain a crime free environment.

Uses & Advantages

It can be used at the entrance of homes.

It can be placed at the entrance and exits of shops and showrooms.

They are used in big corporate houses, hotels and hospitals for surveillance.

They are used to monitor crowds in markets, community centers, roads etc.

They are also used in schools and colleges to monitor the students.

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