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Spy Hidden Mobile Battery Gsm Bug in Delhi India

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Warranty:1 Year

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Products Features

Hidden Battery GSM Bug With Call Balck Function This product uses military technology and with voice-activated automatic call back function, compact size, voice clear, long standby time, simple operation, stable performance, without having to install, remote control etc., can be used for non-distance monitoring, the base stations, location tracking, home surveillance , car anti-theft tracking, child custody. Usage: Boot: The SIM card inserted into the card connector, and then pull the switch to "on" position, the red indicator light after 30 seconds the product is ready. This state can only answer an incoming call. SMS Settings: send the specified messages can be realized the following


* This machine is only inserted the SIM can be boot.

* Please pull the swich "on" position. when charge.

* The new machines need to be recharged before use 6-8 hours in order to achieve the best results, charge when you
   use the native distribution of the charger, so as to avoid damage to the host.

* Standby time: 70-150 hours of standby with the voice-activated, without voice-activated standby 120-240 hours,
   depending on the local network signal strength may be.

* Not Auto-Answer: To confirm whether the GSM card, this machine using a GSM network.

* View cell phone phone signal is strong enough to install Office.

* To ensure the security and confidentiality, please sure to use a new card.

* The machine according to customer?s request to install an external controller. (Example: the human body
   pyroelectric infrared control, RF wireless control, magnetic, mobile, vibration control, plus SCM control, etc.).


Host x 1

Charger x1

USB Charging Cable x1

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