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Spy Long Time 15 Days USB Voice Recorder
Spy Long Time 15 Days USB Voice Recorder
Spy Long Time 15 Days USB Voice Recorder
Spy Camera Thumb-1
Spy Camera Thumb-1
Spy Camera Thumb-1

Spy Long Time 15 Days USB Voice Recorder

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Products Features

The future is coming!!! And you can reach it now. This is new super SPY Mini&Tiny A265 360 hours the smallest voice recorder in the world with the top-quality recording. SPY Mini&Tiny A265 is Guinness Book of Records winner (the smallest and longest voice recorder) You will be surprised, when you take it, as it is the size and weight of a product. The Mini&Tiny A265 digital voice recorder is used for covert professional voice recording and its retail cost is about 700$. Voice recorders of Mini&Tiny A265 family is used by special services! With this gadget you can surprise Everybody. And give unforgettable present to your boss, friends or colleagues.

This Gadget is so small that it can be hidden anywhere. You can leave it at home to know what happened there while you were away.Or you can take it to work to know what your colleagues speak about, or to use it as a voice recorder at long conferences, meeting discussion as a charm with keys.SPY Mini&Tiny A265 , can be a magnificent gift, or a spy bug. You can use it in any way you like. It’s your decision!

This recorder is the smallest among our models.

SPY Mini&Tiny A265 can record from 360 hours of audio recording. SPY Mini&Tiny A265 is powered from Li-Iol rechargeable battery and uses very low power. SPY Mini&Tiny A265 has highly sensitive built-in microphone, a wide frequency range (100-10000Hz), and wide dynamic range.
It couldn't be simpler to use! The recorder has one control button. To upload the recorded data, use a shipped USB cable. So next time when you need to record class dictations, office meetings, or even covering the next big story, don't forget just push the button. This voice recorders is used by special services. SPY Mini&Tiny A265 can be a spy bug. Using SPY Mini&Tiny A265 you feel yourself like James Bond 007

Our product differs from other gadgets that are available on the market by:


High quality recording

Ultra small size

High sensitivity microphone

Voice Activation System

Wide frequency band

Low power consumption

Unique design

Simplified functionalities

Built-in USB interface

Long recording duration 360 HOURS

Digital signature of recordings

Technical Characteristics :

Hard case

Dimensions: 75x12x15mm.

Weight: 30 g (!)

Model Number:

SPY Mini&Tiny A265

Operating temperature range: 0 +40°C (32 +104°F)

Recording duration: 360 hours

Built-in microphone's operating distance: 7-9 meters (21ft-27ft)

Dynamic range: -64 dB

Sample rate: 5.5, 8, 11, 16, 22

Frequency band: 100 - 10000 Hz

Recording mode: mono


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