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The cameras which don’t indulge with wires are very easy to install and therefore are mostly used at homes as it can be removed and placed at some other place easily where it is required most. They are also the best companion of reporters as without wires cameras become the best covert devices and it can produce fruitful results in sting operations with pen camera and button camera. They are not easily recognized by the naked eye and being wireless it becomes easy for the person to record the conversations from various angles which confirms its genuineness.

Some of the wireless cameras with a SIM card slot in them which supports 2G or 3G networks and this enables the used to call the number and see the videos that are being recorded by the camera from anywhere around the world. So, it can also serve as the perfect surveillance device to get installed at your home or office.

Uses & Advantages

It can be easily installed.

Have SIM card slots and have supports 3G network (selected products).

It is one of the best surveillance cameras for home and office use.

Some of them come with night vision and motion detectors too.

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